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Join us for the SKY level 1 workshop, awaken your Kundalini, and accelerate your spiritual evolution!

Awakening the Kundalini normally takes many years, even decades, through mantra, yantra, tantra, asana, pranayama or other such means. This long, arduous, complicated and even potentially dangerous ordeal has been greatly simplified by Vethathiri Maharishi. He has devised a system where a trained teacher can raise your Kundalini Energy from the root chakra to the third eye chakra in mere seconds. This starts the aspirant’s spiritual journey on the path to Self Realization.

After this initiation, the aspirant will meditate on the third eye chakra at home morning and evening, for 10-20 minutes. This will keep the process of Kundalini awakening going. After 3-5 days, the amount of energy in the upper centers may be too much for the body to handle, and this is where the second brilliant characteristic of SKY comes in: shanti (peace) meditation. The teacher re-activates and strengthens the root chakra. From then on, whenever the aspirant feels too much energy in the upper centers, they simply meditate on the root chakra. This transfers the energy back down, thereby avoiding problems. This is one of the unique characteristics of SKY, making it the safest form of Kundalini Yoga out there. This meditation will already be taught at the second day of the workshop, ensuring you have the necessary tools to navigate and control your powerful Kundalini awakening.

Through the initiations of the teacher, your chakras and the energy surging through them is brought into your conscious awareness. You don’t need to imagine, visualize or anything like that, you’ll feel a tangible pulsation of energy in the activated chakras. This makes it much easier to meditate, because you’ll have something tangible to observe.

Doing this form of meditation further strengthens the energy in the chakra you’re meditating on, leading to a whole host of positive benefits. After about 14-15 days of daily meditation, the energy will then increase dramatically, resulting in many positive benefits for your health, energy levels and peace of mind.


When: 13th and 14th of October 2018

Where: Fensmarksgade 1, 2200 København N

Price: 1000kr, paid in full by the 12th of Oct. (mobile pay/bank transfer – including your name)

(Student discount of 50% available, student ID required. Senior discount (60+) of 25% available)

Sign up here:, tlf: 31 62 49 36

Food and tea breaks: the days will be interspersed with tea breaks. Lunch the second day is not included in price. Please bring your own, or enjoy some of the food from nearby cafés, shops and restaurants.

Approximate timetable for  Saturday the 13th:

13h00-14h30 simplified physical exercises part 1

14h30-15h30 third eye initiation, followed by meditation

15h30-18h00 introspection part 1

Approximate timetable for Sunday the 14th:

09h00-11h30 simplified physical exercises, part 2

11h30-12h30 lunch

12h30-14h30 introspection part 2

14h30-16h00 root chakra initiation, followed by meditation


Jaya Bala og Marcus i Qatar i januar

Senior Professor Jayanthi, Senior Professor Balachandran, and of course myself, look forward to seeing you at the workshop!



Read more about the system here:





Read more about meditation:

Marcus Daverne’s answers about meditation

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